Psychotherapist, Supervisor

Consultation: Wednesday from 2 p.m. onward
Appointments by phone at: +436765366486


Individual therapy, Relationship therapy

The question I am frequently asked is: how does psychotherapy cure a person? To answer this question I will highlight those aspects of cure or relief which I consider the most important ones, namely future-oriented aspects. Crises, whether physical or mental, are ALWAYS an OPPORTUNITY. Our emotional state or our body is trying to tell us: "Things cannot go on like this. You must change something.”


Psychotherapy is not merely the elimination of symptoms. Psychotherapy is a psychological process of development.

Mag. Helga Kalmar
Psychotherapist, Supervisor
Tel. +436765366486
Wed. from 2 p.m.

Any transformation is achieved by traversing the path of realization, benign understanding, and being able to relinquish one's hold on certain modes of experience and behavior which were a meaningful and necessary part of our lives at some time. However, they are no longer adequate to cope with the current situation. That which constricts us in the here and now, causes pain, and causes us to commit the same error repeatedly, can make us ill.

If you are looking for help because you sense that things cannot go on as they have so far, if you lack drive and feel depressed, if you’ve come to a "dead end", are desperate, feel constricted by anxiety and panic, are ill, and medical interventions do not suffice – here you will find the space, attention, discretion, and competence to accompany you on the pathway to your goals.


Training in psychotherapy:

  • Degree in psychology in Vienna
  • Training in psychoanalysis (Viennese Task Group of Psychoanalysis)
  • Registered in the list of psychotherapists at the Federal Ministry of Health.


The type of therapy I use

is psychoanalysis-oriented psychotherapy.

In addition to several years of professional experience and experience in life, I have enhanced by basic training by means of postgraduate programs:

  • In the clinical sector (including the University Clinic of Psychiatry at the General Hospital in Vienna; founding the psychotherapy out-patient service at the private hospital Sanatorium Hera);

and advanced training programs:

  • TFP (transference-focused psychotherapy)
  • Trauma therapy
  • Relationship therapy (Imago)


The ideal session frequency is usually once a week. In cases of specific indications it may be twice a week, or psychoanalysis. For relationship therapy the frequency is once every 14 days or by prior agreement. In cases of specific problems I also offer solution-oriented short-term therapy.



  • Phone:  0676-53 66 486
  • Fax: 01-533 91 60 13
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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