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Urological diseases are common and may well become a hazardous condition if not identified on time. Thanks to the investigations available today, malignant tumors, urinary stones and infections can be detected at an early stage and treated successfully.

Three of the 8 most common tumors in men (prostate, bladder and kidney) and 2 of the 6 most common tumors in women (bladder and kidney tumors) can be identified by urological screening.

Many women suffer from recurrent infections of the urinary tract, which can be prevented by competent treatment.
A urologist is an indispensable expert and must be consulted for the evaluation of fertility as well.

I offer my expertise in all urological health issues. My expertise is based on several years of medical practice in Austria as well as the USA.

Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr.
Claus Riedl

Tel. +4369912130272
Tue. from 3 pm.
(occasionally also on Friday morning)
No health insurance companies

If required, I can also provide most contemporary surgical treatments (such as minimally invasive endoscopic procedures, laparoscopic cancer treatment, or laser treatment) in a competent hospital environment.


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